Climate Change requires a more impact-ful phrase

Global Warming was evocative and conveyed the idea of warming of the planet due to Green House gases. It also projected a situation where the earth was being cooked. Unfortunately while the warming is the cause of the climate change, the effect is different in different locations, with more snowfall or rain and cold in some areas causing the knuckleheads to declare that there is no such thing as “Global Warming”.  The phrase Climate Change doesn’t have the same evocative kick to it. I propose that we try some other phrases to convey detrimental human impact to the climate. Here are a few of my choices. Just like “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”, I believe the phrase needs to be either 2 or 3 words, preferably two.

  • Climate Decay – This one is more evocative than Climate Change. One of the definition of decay is “a gradual falling into an inferior condition; progressive decline”. That very succinctly describes the worsening of the climate that is happening. The only detraction from the phrase would be the “animalification” (yes a made up word that for me means projecting animal characteristics on inanimate) of climate. Also it doesn’t convey human agency, and makes it sound more like a naturally occurring process which it is not.
  • Climate Contusion: Evokes human bluntness on climate – a strong impact in a short period, also is an alliteration which adds to the charm.
  • Climate Distress: Evokes the pain of human footprint on the climate.
  • Climate Mutilation: Shows the aggressiveness of the human impact on the climate.
  • Climate Abuse: This might be the best off all.

It is important to recapture the human imagination as to the situation of Climate change, and a name change might be the best way to go about starting that. What would be your best way to do that?