I am appalled at Mike Huckabee’s statement on Sandy Hook Elementary that lack of god in school  caused the shooting and then clarifying that it was regarding the atmosphere. How about adding Zeus to the school prayers, may be the shooter would be thunderstruck instead of “calmed” due to the atmosphere. It shows utter lack of understanding of the issue and Huckabee is trying to obfuscate by changing the discussion from guns to religion. The focus needs to be on gun control and doing what we should have been doing on mental health. We do not hear these kinds of school shooting etc as often in other countries. The other countries do not make it as easy to kill – and that is important. The NRA and those in their employ – like our esteemed congressmen and senators keep saying that it is not the guns that kills people, its the people. But guns make it easier to kill, and access to that needs to be regulated. We have been doing NRA way of doing things all these years, lets try something different. Stop the people from pulling triggers by stopping the access to guns! Help those who need to be helped on Mental Health.



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